How to Seek Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

How to Seek Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

While no one knows when an accident will strike it is wise to be informed ahead of time. Confusion is evident especially during the search for compensation after an accident. If you are involved in a vehicle accident this is what to do:

Expert - Find an experienced person (lawyers) who understands relevant motor vehicle laws to help you.

Claim Validity - After seeing a lawyer, then you are able to know whether or not you are entitled to a claim. The vehicle must have a valid registration number before you can process claims. In Australia more than $350 million is spent by Motor Accident Commission on compensations.

Evidence - Immediately after the accident, initiate investigations so that the evidence is not interfered with. Evidence is necessary so never should you ignore it.

Medical Treatment as evidence - Go ahead and seek medical treatment if you are injured. You can as well hire a certified injury attorney who can give you recommendations that you present to the insurance company as tangible evidence. Records show that experienced injury attorneys win compensation settlements more often than individual claimers.

Your insurance Company -Instead of pursuing insurance compensation settlements alone, it is good that you leave this matter to your insurance company who will investigate and lodge claims to effect the compensation settlement. You can the sit back or nurse your injuries if you were injured in the accident as you wait for the settlement.


It is possible that the accident vehicle may not be covered and hence a possibility of not being compensated. This should not worry you. Just take the driver to court, and then you get compensated. It is important that you do not try to exaggerate your injuries as this will complicate the compensation process

There is no spot settlement in insurance compensation because there are rules that have to be followed. First, file a claim with your insurance company. Once an insurer has received your claim, an investigation to determine the party who is responsible kicks off. Statements can be obtained from all parties and witness accounts tied to them. You can lodge a claim as an individual but it is better if you involve a lawyer. You also need to prove that you were indeed injured in the course of the accident.

You will be compensated if you were injured, the car is insured legitimately registration and if the accident was indeed an accident. If it emerges that as a driver, you caused negligent damages to a pedestrian, you cannot be compensated because was your own fault and negligence.

Finally, civil liability law can be used to cut down on your total claim especially if the damage is partial. Claim can be reduced if a driver failed to take precaution or was under influence of alcohol. Road Traffic Act can also reduce compensation between 15 to 50 percent.

Make sure you consult before you claim. Most of these consultations are free but some insurance companies might give you a contract where you pay after a settlement has been made in your favor.

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