8 Quotes About Solar Panels That Will Make You Rethink Your Energy Use

Quotes About Solar Panels
 8 Quotes About Solar Panels That Will Make You Rethink Your Energy Use

Energy - If you live in the U.S., there’s a good chance that the majority of your energy is coming from some kind of fossil fuel, like oil or coal. You may not think much about this or how it impacts your life, but let’s be honest – fossil fuels aren’t exactly the cleanest form of energy. Sure, solar and wind power are getting more popular, but if you want to switch to something that’s really going to make an impact on the world around you and your family, solar power seems like the right way to go.

1) Solar power is the way of the future. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

What are the benefits of solar panels? Well, not only are they environmentally friendly, but they produce clean energy. This means you can save money on your electricity bill and protect the environment at the same time! Plus, as a homeowner or tenant with a solar panel system on your roof, you can sell energy back to your utility company. Check out these 8 quotes about solar panels that will make you rethink your energy use.

2) Solar energy is one of the most important investments we can make in our future. - Al Gore

As evidenced by Al Gore's quote, there are many important benefits to solar energy. The following quotes about solar panels all cover different aspects of the energy source and help reinforce the worthiness of it. 

1) If we want our kids to enjoy the same quality of life that we have had and to which we aspire, then now is the time to commit and act.- Tim White (six words) 

2) We are called stewards for a reason, for it is our duty not only as people but also as Christians. - Rev.

3) I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. - John F. Kennedy

Kennedy set the precedent for NASA that continues today: be bold and achieve new heights of excellence. Space exploration is where it's at, and Kennedy wanted to get America back in the game. He wanted to encourage innovation, creativity, and risk-taking - with everyone as a winner. The quote about solar panels would be on the next sentence with a line about President Kennedy, who said Let us continue until every child can raise his head without fear.

4) We have seen the benefits of solar power in other countries, and it is time for America to lead the way. - Barack Obama

If you're an American, don't wait for another country to provide your energy and create more jobs. Here are eight quotes about solar panels that will make you rethink your energy use.

1. We can't just drill our way out of this problem, Barack Obama said in his 2015 State of the Union address, referring to America's reliance on fossil fuels. But there is hope: The US solar industry now employs more people than it did when Obama was elected president in 2008 - according to the Department of Energy, solar employs over 174,000 people nationwide and provides nearly a quarter million jobs in California alone. We've seen how small investments from the federal government helped turn Denmark into one of the world's leading wind power suppliers.

5) I'm convinced that solar energy is going to be one of the greatest sources of energy we have in this century. - Jerry Brown

It's not hard to see why solar panels are a popular subject. The sun, an abundant source of clean energy, is always there. It's easy to harness and produce no emissions or pollution. And it can be turned into electricity, heat, or fuel. But despite their popularity, solar panels have been surrounded by controversy and criticism. From environmental impacts to cost effectiveness, some people believe that the technology is not worth the investment at this time. We would like to present the other side of the argument: here are 8 quotes about solar panels that will make you rethink your energy use

6) Solar panels are a key part of our plan to provide clean, renewable energy for our state. - Jay Inslee

Many people don't realize that solar panels can do a lot more than just power the household. They can help to power businesses, water plants, and even cool water for swimming pools. According to one study by the National Renewable Energy Lab, in 2014 alone, photovoltaic systems in the US prevented 211 gigatons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The study found that every year there is an 11-17% reduction of total heat-trapping gas emissions. Through investments in renewable energy, California has been able to decrease its use of natural gas and lower greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

Learn how you can make your home eco-friendly with these seven quotes about solar panels from Jay Inslee.

7) Solar energy is an important part of our state's renewable energy mix, and I am committed to growing this industry in Washington. - Christine Gregoire

The following are quotes about solar panels that come from people that are prominent in the renewable energy industry. 

1. I don't like being scared that if it snows a little I won't have heat or air conditioning, which is a very real possibility in Alaska. (Mack Filer) 2. Everybody likes an ice cream truck, right? (Lisa Woll) 3.  At first, my husband and I were skeptical of solar because we didn't want to be adding something else on our roof. 4. I thought it would be better to invest in other forms of clean energy, like wind and tidal power. 5. We couldn’t afford any more debt on our house so we decided to try it out. 6. It's been nearly 10 years since we installed our system and we're still happy with the decision.

8) Solar power is pollution-free and emits no greenhouse gases, making it a very attractive source of energy. - Tom Daschle

Solar power is pollution-free and emits no greenhouse gases, making it a very attractive source of energy. In addition to that, solar power is plentiful, with an estimated 400 billion tons of it in the earth's atmosphere alone. As Tom Daschle notes in his quote: The sun shines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The wind blows whenever there's not a storm or hurricane. And the sun's light and heat can be harnessed without any waste at all. We hope these quotes about solar panels will help you rethink your current energy use!

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